Meet Your Baristas!

We have some of the best baristas on the plateau and by far, the best customer service you will ever experience. We love serving you and  making you smile. It makes us feel fulfilled when we know we have made an impact on you. Thank you for coming to see us and we can't wait to see you again!

Here are little blurbs about each of our INCREDIBLE baristas:

NOTE** We almost all have dogs...... we love dogs!
Missy Sanders - Owner
Missy had always dreamed of owning her own coffee shop. Born and raised in Enumclaw, this local girl loves serving her town. She believes it is more than just serving coffee - it is creating an experience the customer will never forget! Missy has a passion for making coffee and serving the people. She has two big dogs at home, likes to snowboard, and is just overall pretty goofy! You'll catch her singing the wrong lyrics and doing disoriented hip jives! Come see her spunkiness!
Morgan Oliver
 Morgan is one of our youngest baristas! She is a junior at Enumclaw High School and just recently got her drivers license! She has picked up the art of being a barista fast and efficiently. Morgan cares so much about the coffee shop and her coworkers - always wanting the best for those around her. You will always catch her being proactive and getting stuff done! She loves the outdoors and spending quality time with family. Her and her grandma even have craft days! Her grandpa is a spitfire! She spends alot of time socializing with friends. She is energetic, fun, and outgoing! She just got a puppy and named him Conway - he's ADORABLE!
Lindsey Flanders
Lindsey has been such an AWESOME addition to our team! She is born and raised in the area and has a family full boys! 3 brothers! Her and her mom stick together! You will never catch Lindsey standing still. She is constantly keeping busy and has one of the sweetest personalities! Lindsey is a fun loving out going girl who loves anything outside - lake days, snowboarding, any adventure - you name it! She has an caaauuuteee Cheweenie with an underbite who has so much sass!
Liz Sayti
Liz is Express-o Yourself's first hire!! She has been with the company for over 3 years and has contributed to all of its milestones! We love having her a part of the team. With overall helping hands, she has cared for and put in so many hours at the cafe... helping make it the success it is! She knows coffee like the back of her hand! Liz grew up in the Portland area and has lived her for almost 4 years now! She has loved living in this area and making new friends! Her true friends are her dogs, though! She has 3 four-legged friends! Drake, Dixie, and Cash. Her house is full of paws and love!
Brie Limbo
Brie is one of Express-o Yourself's first hires! She has been with the company for over 3 years now and her love for customers and producing amazing coffee really shows. She has a non-stop and driven personality that you are sure to admire. Because of her care for her workplace, she is a huge contributor to the success of Express-o Yourself!She loves the sun-shine and being outdoors. She loves adventuring and visiting new places (which her and her long-term boyfriend always do!) She enjoys crafting and rearranging her furniture in her house. Of course, she enjoys good company and hanging out with friends!
Emily Miller
Emily is one of our newest additions and boy has she picked things up fast! She has an older brother and younger sister. Her family lives in Enumclaw and she is a senior in Highschool! She is also a volleyball player and has such a love and passion for the game! She has such a sweet heart and kind personality, but don't let her fool you, we've seen her whip her siblings into shape!! She has been a great addition to the team at Express-o Yourself. 
Tara Leonard
Tara is also one  of our youngest baristas! She is attending her senior year at Enumclaw High School! She has picked up the art of being a barista faster than anyone! You will catch her singing and dancing her days away! She is outgoing and energetic! Happy is her middle name! You will always catch her with a smile on her face, even though her schedule is crazy! She works two jobs, is in cheerleading, and full time school! Nuts! She juggles it all with an amazing attitude! She drives a slug bug - totally fits her personality! Alot of her family lives locally and the majority of them are all named after someone else in their family! How cool!
Ellie is another one of our newest hires and we are ecstatic to have her! Her bubbly and outgoing personality has fit right in. She has spunk and sass and will never let you leave without a laugh! She is a senior in Highschool and plays volleyball. She enjoys the company of friends and family. Express-o Yourself is happy to have her!
You can find Michelle raising so many puppies!! She breeds labs! What a fun (and snuggly) hobby! Michelle is one of the most laid back and positive person you could ever meet. She enjoys spending her time (if she's not busy working her two jobs) catching up with friends and spending quality time with them!
Kelso is new to the area but you would have never known! She has jumped right into the Express-o Yourself team! She has this spunky, energetic, liveliness about her that makes everyone around her have a better day! She loves Rick & Morty and talking movies or video games! Plus, she has two dogs named Java & Coco - you can say she loves coffee!
Jessie is ready to serve you! She has the determination to serve coffee and sandwiches and does it with a smile! She is very calm and level-headed and enjoys working inside the shop. When she isn't working her two jobs, she enjoy friend and family time, as well as getting facials! If you need a beauty consultant as well as your java, she's your girl!